chry (esthete) wrote in sweetreligion,

Minneapolis Concert 12/15/06 - First Avenue Set List

-I am in love with you
-Loose Ends
-Let Go
-Clear the Area
-Closing In
-Just for Now
-Come Here Boy
-Speeding Cars
-Goodnight & Go
-The Walk
-Have You Got It in You?

-Hide & Seek
-Daylight Robbery
-The Moment I Said It

The show was great only marred by the stupid drunken trash that First Avenue seems to cater to. Immi changed clothes after introducing the opening acts from some sort of suit jacket with stripy skirt and a fedora with a feather to a corset with a puffy skirt and a feather mohawk. She said that she looked like a bullfrog and had strep throat (?) but she sounded really good anyway. I couldn't hear that well because of the aforementioned drunken trash.

BTW, does anyone have a .mp3 of "Foolish" ?? I've misplaced mine.
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