Jackie (prowidow) wrote in sweetreligion,

New Imogen Heap fansite

Hello all,

I am introducing a new Imogen Heap fansite, which I hope will grow and thrive into a community to connect both Immi's diehard fans as well as newcomers who are just becoming interested in her work. The site currently features a news blog, a photo gallery, a discography with lyrics, a fan forum, and much more, with plans and room to expand.

I was lucky enough to meet Imogen after her November 2006 concert in Atlanta, and I was absolutely amazed by how lovely and down to earth she is. She is an amazing artist, extremely talented, original, and hardworking. She deserves a good and proper fan shrine. :)

The site is simply called Imogen Heap Fans, and it's located at www.imogenheapfans.com

Thanks for your time, fellow fans!

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