Krista (oceanflicks) wrote in sweetreligion,

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Pocket Sun

Hi, I LOVE immi so much and I was wondering if anyone had a copy of Pocket Sun or any rare B-sides... I've been looking for Pocket Sun for such a long time, if anyone could help out that'd be great. :)

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Sorry to be a pest, but do you think you could maybe reupload that for me? The link's expired. :)
Could you post your current music Mic Check?
hie!! can you send me pocket Sun by Immi too PLEASSEE!!!! *gets down on knees and begs* i've literally been looking for this song for almost *three* years! =o( its horrible how i cant find it anywhere! *wails tragically* so, i would be so SO uterly grateful and possibly promise you my unborn child if you could send it to me.. and profess undying love!

i dont generally use livejournal, so if possible, could you sendit to or just post the link here and let me know, somehow..

hope you are doing fine ^_^ [plz send me the song!]